Synology Virtual Machine Manager Pro License - 7 Nodes - 3 Year

SKU: SW256

Virtual Machine Manager Pro

Synology Virtual Machine Manager Pro license allows you to fully utilize VMM’s cluster infrastructure. It enables migration and flexible scalability for load balancing and resource allocation. VMM is licensed by cluster size and offers various options to satisfy a variety of needs.

Licensing Plan

Virtual Machine Manager Pro licenses come as 3-Node and 7-Node packs and are valid for one year or three years. Each VMM cluster can consist of at most seven Synology NAS. Licenses cannot be refunded once activated.

  • Before purchasing licenses, please ensure that your Synology NAS supports VMM.
  • Each license can only be used for one Synology VMM cluster at a time.
  • Purchased licenses can be migrated.
  • License periods cannot be extended by activating multiple licenses at once.