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Half Cut Visuals Case Study


Half Cut Visuals focus in Photography and Videography for Nightclubs, Music Festivals, Events, and Product Branding. They have worked with brands such as Remix Magazine, Resident Clothing, Rhythm and Vines, Our:House, Redrum Touring, and George FM.


The Challenge

Half Cut Visuals latest project was filming and photographing at Rhythm and Vines 2016/17 over the New Year. Being a music festival, this was very different from shooting in a studio or on set, so it was not practical to take a laptop and storage setup on-site as there were few secure locations to store the gear. Instead, the laptops and storage gear had to be kept off-site.


The Solution

After speaking with the sales team at VST (NZ) Ltd, the Half Cut Visuals team was confident the Stardom DR2-TB2 and i310-SB3 was a great fit for them. A 2 Bay Thunderbolt 2 storage unit supporting RAID 0 and 1, with a carry handle and small form factor to make it more portable, it was the ideal solution for main storage, while the single-bay iTank was a great

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The Result

Since the team was staying off-site, the 2 bay DR2-TB2 unit was used for backups, and to make redundant all of the footage and photos (~500GB Total) There was a 2nd Copy of all data stored on the Stardom iTank i310-SB3 1 Bay Enclosure, fitted with a 2TB WD Red NAS Drive. This enabled the team to minimize the memory card usage over the course of the music festival, and also reduce the risk of catastrophic data loss. The units took up minimal desk space, and the Thunderbolt 2 Connection also made it possible to start editing while away from home, without having to worry about capacity on the laptop.

Overall, the Half Cut Visuals team were impressed with the reliability and cost-effectiveness of the products and would recommend the product range to Photographers, Videographers, and anyone else in the Media Industry.