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New Zealand Owned and Operated Solution Focused Technology Distributor

Our Company

Established in 1997, VST quickly became noticed in the field of IT as a leader and reputable distributor of IT storage hardware. Throughout the long journey we are proud to be 100% NZ owned and operated. Our company started as a Hard-drive distributor and has signification amount of market involvement in HDDs serving a large number of NZ entities on the distribution level. As the market evolved, we saw there was more than just traditional box moving so we transitioned towards solution distribution and storage was one of our key specialties and focuses. We do not see the value of box moving in todays market, instead, we work closely with our valued resellers to design and deploy solutions that meet the end clients requirement and budget. Operating for over 20 years, we now have heavy involvement in segment such as IT, Post production, Surveillance, IOT, and related smart solutions, and we are looking to add more to our portfolio as the market evolves.

Core Focus:

Solution Focused

Not your traditional box moving distributor, we understand the products, we know what they look like, and what the limitations are. We utilise the range of brands we carry to design a solution that fits. We will say no if the solution won't work.

Knowledgeable Team

As a solution distributor, our pre and post sales support is very important. We have a knowledgeable team with many years of experience to cater for any challenge. Our resellers are always happy with the level of support they receive at a local distributor level for solutions, product enquiries, and RMA.

Channel Focused

We believe our success comes from the channel, so we focus on working with our channel partners toward mutual growth. We seek for new opportunities together and help close deals together. This is very important in the NZ market, so we will not sell direct to end client or public, but instead refer them to our channel partners.

Industry Leader

We do not sell our solutions base on the brand; We sell a solution that works. We're not afraid to say no or turn down an opportunity if our solution won’t be fit for purpose. We are always on the hunt to add new innovative products to our portfolio which we feel would benefit the NZ Market.

Our Company History


VST Opens it's doors

VST opened it's doors on the 5th of November, 1997 as a PC Component Distributor as well as a Seagate Hard Drive Distributor


DFI Motherboards added to Portfolio

With the growing PC and gaming market, VST bought DFI in to the NZ market. DFI is well known for its LanParty series which has a high reputation in the gaming market and also as an overclocking choice.


Moved into the Solution Distribution Space

VST saw PC components as more of a commodity product and there is a need for solutions in the NZ market, so the company took a shift in direction and focused on solution distribution.


Became Local Authorised Distributor with Western Digital

In 2005, we were proud to announce being appointed the local authorised distributor for Western Digital.


Added Supermicro to Portfolio

There was also a grow in the requirement of servers, so Supermicro was added to our portfolio. Utilizing our in-house knowledge we built custom servers to meet project requirements.


Added Synology to Portfolio

We introduced the first Synology DS101 and DS101g in the NZ market, Seeing a great need for businesses to start considering an all-in-one solution with what was known back in the days as a 3-in-one server.


Added Stardom and Raidon to Portfolio

With the creative industry booming, we immediately sensed the requirements of the growing data, but not just the storage capacity; Devices need special requirements for this segment so we added the Stardom and RAIDON range which is designed for creative content storage.


Added Promise Technology to Portfolio

With their well-known RAID controller history, Promise technology also focuses on storage appliances for niche segments such as Post-production and Surveillance market. We distributor the whole range of Promise products in NZ, promoting the Thunderbolt storage to the post-production market and the Vess series server that is designed for surveillance.


Added Networking and Industrial products with Planet

We saw a gap in the networking range with our solution offering, so we added Planet to our range which offers a full networking and industrial range to the NZ market, ranging from the entry-level switching to PoE, industrial, flat panel or other customer solution requirements for the growing smart solution and IoT market.


WD Achievement

VST has always been behind the scenes, focusing on channel business over big marketing, but this year we have reached over 120PB (Petabytes) of Western Digital HDDs and SSDs sold to the NZ market in a financial year.


Digifort VMS added to Portfolio

we’ve worked with Digifort in the past with our Promise range, and it would be a great value to the NZ market if VST can also offer surveillance software and a full turnkey solution. In 2019 we secured the distribution rights for Digifort in NZ and added new software to our product line-up.


Digifort Channel Partner Award

Less than a year after adding Digifort to our line-up, we have sold over 3000 channels in the NZ market and with many more to come in 2020. We were presented with a Recognition of Excellence award from Digifort at a channel partner event,


Appointed Lilin Distributor for New Zealand

We are excited to announce VST has been appointed New Zealand Distributor for Lilin IP Cameras and NVR Products in New Zealand, which puts us in a position to now offer our partners an end to end solution when it comes Surveillance.

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