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Attitude Pictures Case Study

The Opportunity

The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games showcase world-class, high-performance athletes, who also navigate daily challenges through living with a disability.
Attitude Pictures in New Zealand are a close-knit production company dedicated to telling the stories of people with disabilities – many of their own team live with a disability.
With TVNZ the broadcaster of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, they turned to their long-term partners, Attitude Pictures to extend their coverage by producing a daily highlights programme for TVNZ 1and TVNZ DUKE, as well as catch-up viewing on TVNZ OnDemand

The Challenges

The 2021 Tokyo Paralympic Games brought an extra challenge – Auckland went into level 4 Covid lockdown just days before the games began! Nonetheless, the Attitude team complied with safety protocols and isolation bubbles whilst working double shifts throughout the production week, – pulling off their own feat of endurance against the odds.

Due to the Corona Virus, Attitude was unable to send the production crew to Tokyo. They instead worked very closely with TVNZ, reviewing and making selections from the numerous incoming video streams from Tokyo. With efficiency and turn-around time paramount, the challenge was to produce the daily show through three double-shifted edit suites which could all collaborate with each other, completing high-quality programming ready for 9.00 am screening each morning.

Technically the edit suites were Macintosh computers running Adobe Premiere, each of which needed access to the same footage, and each needed to store project files and outputs in a place where the other editors could collaborate.

Incoming video recordings from Tokyo could be viewed on TVNZ’s Viz-One MAM system. Selections were securely exported from the MAM to Attitude’s Synology RackStation, to which the edit suites had high-bandwidth network access. Finished programming was saved back to the Synology and delivered to TVNZ via Aspera for both linear and online playout.

The Solution

“The system ran smoothly, we did not have any technical problems just logistical challenges as to which feeds TVNZ would get from which events,” said Buckingham, Attitude’s CEO.
“The system was easy to work with and it supported our edit suites very well,” said Dan Wharton, Editor and Attitude Technical Lead for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.
The RS3621RPxs Synology RackStation was purchased by Attitude and was installed into the TVNZ’s equipment racks ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games with workflows finetuned by TVNZ’s Media Solutions team, with technical input from AV Intelligence who supplied the system. After the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games finished, the RackStation was transported back to Attitude’s Auckland production offices where it has been added to their existing Synology infrastructure, increasing capacity, performance, and resilience as part of a mirrored strategy that also includes LTO archive. Attitudeexpects the new system to provide at least 5 years of productive service.

The Client

Created by Robyn Scott-Vincent, Attitude pictures is a big-hearted team on a mission to engage the broadest audience in well-told authentic stories that shift attitudes and replace stereotypes associated with people who live with disabilities – with their dreams, hopes, desires, talents and passions. Attitude produces many hours of broadcast content annually as well as running their own on-demand channel.

The Integrator

Headed by Doug Braddock, AV Intelligence is a Broadcast Engineering and IT Consultancy company with 30 years of experience developing workflow solutions that deliver efficiency, reliability, and profit to creative companies.